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Belize Mission Trip 2019

Do you feel led to do ministry beyond the walls of the church? Do you have the heart to serve “the least of these”? Does the thought of traveling with your fellow congregants in the capacity of international missions move you? If you answered yes to these questions. Rev. Mashod Evans Sr., invites you to travel to Belize City, Belize as he leads members and friends of Bethel AME Church on their 2nd mission trip. Belize is a small country located just south of the US in the Caribbean. It is a beautiful country bursting with lush vegetation and a bustling culture of beautiful, friendly islanders.

Like most places in the world, Belize is not without the struggle of poverty. As with any other daunting and systemic issue, a small group cannot do everything but can do something! During your time in Belize, you will do some work and interact with the children of Dorothy Menzie’s Childrens Home, assist with the facilitation of a community health fair, and commune with the detainees at The Belize Central Prison & the Kobe Foundation. The trip will not be all work. There will be a time of relaxation and sightseeing. Early on, there will be an opportunity to view the Mayan Ruins and shop for souvenirs in the open-air market. On the last day, those who want to take in a little sun will travel to Old Belize, a man-made beach and restaurants located directly adjacent to the Caribbean Sea. Click here to review the travel brochure for pricing and a draft schedule. If this sounds like an opportunity for you, please click below to register and remit your deposit.

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The deposit to secure your trip is $250 per person. Prices includes flight, hotel, daily breakfast, trip insurance and ground transportation in Belize. Deposit is due August 15, 2019. Final payment is due by September 14, 2019.

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