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Bethel Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Here are some resources you may find helpful. First, directly related to COVID-19 and the loss, fear and grief it brings us: 

  • Michigan Medicine Turner Geriatric Clinic is offering a virtual grief support group for older adults or family members of older adults affected by loss due to COVID-19. Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month from 3–4 pm. For more info, call 734-764-2556
  • Children and young people can need help dealing too, and it’s not the same as for adults. A resource page for young people from Ann Arbor Public Schools: You are Not Alone
  • Family stress can come to a head with the problems COVID has brought. Teens, in particular may act out in ways that send adults over the edge- but remember, it’s usually a cry for help. If your teen needs help- or you just don’t know how to respond to them, try Ozone House Youth Crisis Line [for Teens] – 734-662-2222  
  • Emotional Helpline – New Directions Behavioral Health 
    • Anyone can call our emotional support number 833-848-1764, a free and confidential 24/7 mental health helpline staffed by trained and caring professionals ready to guide you to the care you need. We’ll keep this number open as long as necessary to support individuals and communities affected by disasters
      • NDBH Complete Resources

Some things to read that can help us understand what’s going on in our own jumble of emotions, and offer some ways to untangle ourselves and deal with them. You will probably find that much of this you already know, but thinking about it and recognizing it can help us respond with our best selves.

  • If you prefer to listen, this podcast has much wisdom to offer, and a number of short clips about children. A key point from Dr. Pamela Cantor is that YOU are the main resource to keep your child’s worry and fears from spiraling– and to do that you will need to take care of your own state first.

Back to the outer world: Problems of Income or Food and Housing Security 

And some more general health and well-being tips or references. Getting enough physical exercise, and the right exercise is basic to handling stress, problems, and just plain aging. So is taking care of our mental state, with meditation or other approaches to emotional health. 

  • Headspace – free app to help with stress, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed – it is a special kind of meditation that is being offered to people now due to the pandemic – try it out